Composition tree plantation

Tree Plantation Composition

Perhaps All the students of HSC, SSC, class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and other composition learners know how important the tree plantation composition is for the final exam. That’s why I am here to make the possibility more easy and smooth for all of the students.

The tree plantation composition in details below:

Introduction: Tree plantation is definitely a noble work. The tree is the topmost element of our nature and environment. From the primitive age, man has a close relationship with nature and it is flourished with trees and forests. Plants are the best blessing of nature. The existence of human being even all the animals on earth can’t be imagined without trees and forests. Trees are everlasting friends for us. The more you will plant trees, the more you will be able to ensure your sound life and prosperity.

Tree Plantation Composition
Tree Plantation Composition

Trees and forests are keeping vital contribution to us from the beginning of the world. They are beneficial to us in many ways. They produce oxygen by inhaling carbon dioxide. They are called the oxygen factory. They provide us food and shelter. Many trees like mango, litchi, blackberry, jackfruit, coconut, banana, guava, etc. supply us delicious, sweet, and nutritious fruits and help to meet our hunger. They supply various types of required vitamins to keep our bodies sound and healthy.

They produce timbers that are used to make our house, furniture, launches, boats, steamers, ships, railway sleepers, etc. The woods from trees are used to make a fire to cook. We also get cotton, silks from trees and plants which are largely used for making our clothes. Moreover, we get paper from the trees.  We can earn foreign exchange by exporting trees, plants, fruits, and paper.

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They prevent soil from erosion. They protect us from storms, cyclones, and floods, drought, tidal bore. They make our land fertile and without trees, our land will surely be turned into a desert.

Our agriculture mostly depends on moderate rainfall. Sufficient trees and forests ensure moderate rainfall that helps to grow bumper crops.

Wild animals like birds and other species cannot survive without trees and forests. For their shelters, nesting, and breeding places forests are a must. Forest is a real home for them. Not only that they emit /discharge required oxygen for the birds and animals too. 

Impact on the environment: Sufficient trees and forests keep the climate cool and healthy. They really gift us a pollution-free living-worthy environment and bring balance to the ecology.

Forest resource in Bangladesh: Usually high lands and the upper valleys of a river are suitable for plantation. But Bangladesh is a lower riparian country.  So, compared to the total land of Bangladesh forests are indeed insufficient.  The Sundarban is a famous forest resource in Bangladesh. Madhupur, Bhawal, and the Chittagong Hill Tracts are also notable. These forest areas are abundant with Sundari, Garan, Ghewa, Kaoora, etc. trees. 

The threat of Deforestation:

But for some dishonest and inconsiderate businessmen these forests are under great threat. They cut down trees indiscriminately and destruct our forests.

Scope and time of tree plantation:

There is ample scope for afforestation. Low-lying lands, coastal areas, and fallow lands should be brought udder afforestation project. Wood trees, shady, and fruit trees can be planted by the side of roads, highways, railways, ponds, canals, and dams.

June and July is generally the best tie for plantation.

Tree Plantation Composition
Tree Plantation Composition

Stunning beauties and environment friendly:

Trees are the mother of natural beauties. The rows of green trees make our minds happy. They bring endless peace to our minds with their stunning beauties. Our mind is filled with peace and happiness for the beauties of green and colorful trees. 


To keep our lives safe and sound on earth we have to plant more and more trees. We must have to consider the numerous benefits and important role of tress in our whole life. We have to take proper nursing of them. Plantation campaigns should be run through public awareness, mass and social media, and above all government should have to take well-planned steps to continue it.


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