Story of an honest school girl

Story of an Honest School Girl


The story is about an honest school girl and here great sense of responsibility. Here we can learn about the honesty of a school girl who found a purse or moneybag on the street when she was going to school. Now here’s the details of the story of an honest school girl and her sense of responsibility. You should start with the title below.

Story of an honest school girl
Story of an honest school girl

The Story of an Honest School Girl and Her Sense of Responsibility

Shilpi is a girl of 15 years old. She reads in class nine. As a girl, she is very honest, brilliant, industrious and kind. One day she was going to school. On the way, she saw a moneybag or wallet or purse on the street. She thought it might be lost by a passer-by. The girl thought for a while. Then she took the moneybag on her hand and found a lot of money in it.

The girl has never seen so much money altogether before. But being honest she did not felt greed. Rather she thought to return the bag to its real owner. She looked here and there to find the owner. But there was no person on the road.

It was about to start her first class. So, she made a plan. After reaching to the school, she went to the headmaster’s room and handed over the wallet to him and told everything. The headmaster became very pleased with Shilpi. He went to the nearby police camp with the girl. When they entered into the camp in charge’s room, they found an old man was sitting on a chair.

The headmaster handed over the moneybag to the camp in charge telling everything. Suddenly the old man stood up and shouted “This is my moneybag.” The IC returned the bag to him.

The old man became very pleased and wanted to reward Shilpi. But the girl refused politely to take any reward and said, “I never expect anything in return of my good work. Please bless me so that I can always be honest and responsible to my duties.”

Moral of the story: Honesty is always rewarded.

Honesty is always appreciated.

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