Robert Bruce and the Spider Story Failure is the Pillar of Success

Robert Bruce and the Spider Story – Failure is the Pillar of Success- Robert Bruce Story

Robert Bruce Story. Hey You, the story lovers, readers and students, surely know well about how closely connected the proverb  “The Failure is the Pillar of Success” to the story of The “Mighty King Robert Bruce and The Spider”. Don’t know? Well, you are now in Scotland and enjoy the complete story in short how Robert Bruce reoccupied his lost kingdom just  getting the inspiration from a tiny spider while hiding in a mountain cave.

Robert Bruce and the Spider Story Failure is the Pillar of Success
Robert Bruce and the Spider Story Failure is the Pillar of Success

Title of the Completing Story : Robert Bruce Story.

Failure is the Pillar of Success / Robert the Bruce and the Spider / Try, Try, Try again  and again /  Robert Bruce Story

Once there lived a famous king named Robert Bruce. He inherited the Scottish throne from his grandfather and ruled the country very popularly. People of Scotland loved him very much.  But the then king Edward I ignored his claim and wanted to turn Scotland into a feudal tributary state. So, one day the English army attacked his kingdom and defeated him completely. 

King Robert Bruce took shelter in a cave far away from his kingdom. He did not lose hope to revive his realm. With the hope of getting his country free from the enemies, he made repeated attacks. But it was his misfortune that he could not win any of the battles.  

After repeated failures, he was about to lose his hope to regain the kingdom. But one day, a spider helped him to be inspired. While he was lying on the floor of the cave, a spider came to his notice. It was trying to reach the ceiling of the cave. But after crawling up a little distance, it was falling down on the floor. But it did not stop its dauntless efforts and finally could reach the ceiling. Seeing the non-stop efforts of the tiny creature, he was so much inspired and fueled with inner strength. 

Bruce the king, thought to fight back again. He collected new soldiers and attacked them again. This time he found his desired winning. He drove the enemies away from his country and started ruling again.

You can learn here the history about Robert Bruce.

The moral of the story Robert Bruce and the spider:

Never be hopeless. Never get disheartened. 

Once you fail, start again with new hope. 

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