Paragraph on Drug Addiction

Paragraph on Drug Addiction and Terrific Impacts

Drug addiction paragraph 100, 200 and 300 plus words for hsc, ssc, jsc class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

Question; Suppose the young generation in your locality or country has become addicted seriously to harmful drugs that are deteriorating their morality beyond imagination. Now write a paragraph on drug addiction in 100 to 200,   or 300 words.

Or write a paragraph on drug addiction by answering the following questions:

What are drugs?

What does it mean by drug addiction?

What types of drugs usually can make a person addicted?

How and why do people get addicted to drugs usually?

What are the future impacts of drug addiction?

How can we save our young generation from addiction to drugs?

Paragraph on Drug Addiction
Paragraph on Drug Addiction

Answer of the paragraph drug addiction: 100 to 150 words.

Drug addiction is a common picture in our country. Usually our young generation gets addiction to it. Addiction to harmful drugs without any reasons, for pleasure or unusual attraction to drugs is called drug addiction. It is very harmful for our body and mind.

There are many reasons behind the drug addiction.  Lack of family bondage, indiscipline, lack of love and affection, frustration, financial instability, bad company, unemployment, social instability, social instability and turmoil, Indifferent views to the children by parent etc. are the most common reasons of drug addiction.

As a result, people start taking drugs like heroin, morphine, Yabba, cocaine, marijuana, opium, ganja, phencyclidine etc.

The results of drug addiction are terrific. Addicted people involved with hijacking, looting, robbery etc.  It destroys a man physically and mentally. It demolishes the morality. It also causes deadly diseases and ruins a man completely.

To stop such deadly habit, people in all classes should be aware. Every family should be built in great love, affection and firm tie.  Govt. should take punitive action for the drugs sellers and suppliers.


200 words paragraph on drug addiction:

Drug addiction means serious addiction to harmful drugs unnecessarily or just only for transient pleasant. Yabba, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, morphine, opium, ganja, and phencyclidine are considered as harmful and prohibited drugs.

The reasons, behind addicted to drugs are many. Most often our young generation gets addicted to drugs for deep frustration and depression, having no good relation among the family members, parents not being aware of their children, lack of love and endearment, political and social instability, continuous financial problem,  Keeping bad company, unemployment or jobless situation. For the failure of achieving love from special one, many young guys get addicted to drugs.

The impacts of drugs are countless.  People particularly the young generation become hopeless about their future. They find no interest for their precious life. They become demoralized and commit different type of crimes such as hijacking, looting, robbery, plundering, and even killing.  .

The addict feels drowsy, loses appetite, and falls asleep after taking drugs. They lose their mental power, courage and morality. It can cause cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, insomnia. It can be the causes of kidney, and liver and brain damage. Seriously addicted persons can hardly get back in their normal life. It leads a man to death finally.

To save our young generation drug addiction must have to be stopped. Common people have to be aware of the devastating effects of drugs. We have to practice and build friendly family with deep love, affection and morality. Production of harmful drugs much has to be prohibited. Govt. should impose instant punishment against the drugs traders and suppliers.


The below one is another alternative of the paragraph on drug addiction.

Addiction to Harmful Drugs paragraph of 300 plus words:

Drugs are chemical substances that are used for treatment or to be cured of various diseases or physical or mental disorders of human beings, animals, and plants.

But when drugs are taken only for pleasure or habit is called drug addiction. It is detrimental to both the body and health. After taking a drug an addicted person finds pleasure only for short time but it affects badly his body and mind. The person who starts taking drugs once cannot stop it. So, drug addiction has become a major concern in the world including Bangladesh and India.

There are various types of drugs like Yabba, cocaine, marijuana, morphine, opium, heroin, ganja, phencyclidine, and so on. All these drugs lead men to sure death.

For many reasons, people are addicted to drugs. Sometimes, frustration and despair make people especially the young generation hopeless that leads them to be addicted. Besides this unemployment problem, lack of family ties, lack of love and affection, rejected or refused by love proposal, political turmoil or anarchy, social unrest, etc. are the most common reasons for drug addiction.

The after-effects of drug addiction are terrible and disastrous. It destroys us physically, mentally, socially, and financially. It leads a man to absolute death. Unnecessary addition to drugs kills a man slowly but surely. Sometimes after taking drugs the addict feels drowsy, loses appetite, and falls asleep. They lose their mental power and courage. Their brain, kidney, and liver get damaged. It causes heart disease, cancer, blood pressure, amnesia, insomnia, and many other respiratory diseases. So, an addict cannot lead a normal life.

Drugs are costly. The addicts try to manage money by committing crimes like hijacking, looting, robbery, plundering, and killing.

So, drug addiction should be stopped at any cost. To save our nation especially the young generation from the deadly claw of drugs, Govt. should inhibit the production of harmful drugs. Drug trafficking has to be controlled strictly and traders should be punished instantly.

People have to be aware of the harmful effect of drugs. Mass media can also play a vital role to solve this problem.


Remarks: Dear students, you are the future leader of you nation. So, be aware of the serious impact of the addiction to drugs. It totally spoils our life and leads to unwanted dearth.  So, let’s say “No To Drugs,  build a brighter future and contribute to our motherland

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