Pandemic Coronavirus Paragraph Covid-19

Covid-19, The Pandemic Coronavirus Paragraph for hsc and class 10

Coronavirus Paragraph: Covid19, the pandemic coronavirus has become a serious threat to human life. It is a group of viruses that can transmit from one body to another and cause massive death of animals and humans. The origin or outbreak of coronavirus had been found first in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei province of China. It has the ability to transmit from one body to another. As a result it can stop our normal life tremendously.

So, we are struggling hard to get back to our normal life. But it seems it is not an easy task. It is high time to take proper steps to save ourselves.

Pandemic Coronavirus Paragraph Covid-19
                                      Pandemic Coronavirus Paragraph Covid-19


The symptoms of affecting coronavirus are many.

To fell fever, dry cough, fatigue, headache, sore throat etc. are common signs of the coronavirus. Massive pain in the body, diarrhea, losing taste or smell are other symptoms of COVID-19. It also causes the serious difficulty in taking a breath, losing the ability to speak and walk.

For the treatment or prevention of coronavirus we can take some pre-cautionary steps.

If anyone feels the presence of the symptoms in his body, he should instantly call the local Covid-19 help center or consult with a doctor. Even he has to be admitted to the hospital. Sufficient water, vitamin C, nutritious food help to prevent covid-19.

Through 14 days home quarantine, self-isolation, maintaining social distance, using mask, sneezing with a tissue or on the elbow, frequently washing hands, and creating awareness, we can stay away of pandemic coronavirus. Otherwise, nobody will be able to escape from its deadly claw.

No cure was available for covid-19 a few days back. Now coronavirus vaccine is available.

Hopefully, after long research, many scientists and medical specialists of the world have been able to discover vaccines to prevent their spreading.  Most of  the countries in the world  started continuing vaccination programs. It’s our expectation that we will be able to find ourselves in the safest world at the end of the year 2022.

Hope this coronavirus paragraph will be helpful for your good preparation for the coming hsc or ssc exam.

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