Importance of learning English paragraph composition

Importance of learning english paragraph Essay

Importance of learning English Paragraph Essay Composition:

Importance of learning English can’t be ignored since language is an important part of human being. Language plays a unique role to human life. It is the way of expressing feelings, thoughts, emotions, and ideas to communicate with others in a particular society or community or country. But for international communication or trade and commerce, it is essential to follow a common language. In this point of view, the language which is used for global communication is called international language. English has been acquired the prestige of being international language.

Why you should not ignore the importance of learning English:

For a good number of reasons and importance English has got the position of international language. Years after years English being used for different communication purposes it has been able to prove its importance. More than 650 people all over the world use English as their first and second language.

English in Globalization: With the globalization idea today, the world has become a global village and people in it; love to build a mutual understanding and co-relationship outside the border. They have come out of their national border to share their notions and views, learn about science and technology and of course to expand trade and commerce. International organizations hold its meetings in English.

English in Science and Technology: With the rapid growth and advancement of science and technology the modern world has opened numerous windows of possibility before us. But almost all the high-tech communication, scientific research work, business conferences are arranged in English. So, the necessity of learning English cannot be ignored.

English in higher education and job markets: Most books for higher education are written in English. Besides, multinational companies always require the employees who have a good command over English. Besides, admission for higher education in foreign countries is quite impossible without the proficiency in English. Apart from this, in any country to start and build a brilliant career with handsome salary, you must have good skill in English.

Moreover, modern world is getting more internet-based day by day. Now everything is available online. There are lot of opportunities to get jobs or earn huge foreign exchange from online doing outsourcing work or freelancing work. It’s a great way of being self-employed and an amazing solution to the unemployment problem. But more than 80% of all information here is in English. So, you must have good knowledge of English to communicate with buyers or employers.

Unfortunately, in many countries most students do not efficiency on English, and they are not still aware of the basic rules of grammar or even communicative method. To take the sit on the topmost success we must take control over the English grammar and 4 skills of communicative system.

Conclusion: The importance of learning English cannot be denied. Anywhere in the world English knowledge is very helpful and effective. So, it can be an asset for anyone to build a successful future.

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