food adulteration paragraph for hsc ssc

food adulteration paragraph for hsc ssc

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food adulteration paragraph
food adulteration paragraph

Food adulteration paragraph

Man cannot lead a day without food. Food is one of the basic needs or terms of human life. It helps human beings to grow up physically and mentally and ensures to survive on this globe or eternal world. So, it can be considered as human fuel. But it is sorrow that these integral foods are being adulterated daily in many ways.

Usually, vegetables, oil, fruits, fishes, mill, milk products, baby foods, fast food, are being adulterated seriously. There are many reasons for food adulteration. Many food and beverage manufacturing companies use various poisonous chemicals and ingredients to keep food natural look, longer lasting and high profit.

Different surveys and researches initiated by National Food Safety Laboratories, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and many health organizations prove that most of the essential foods are being adulterated randomly. The foods that are adulterated can contain harmful substances like DDT, Aldrin, formalin, Chlordane etc. No doubt it causes many deadly diseases like cancer, liver damage, kidney failure, heart diseases, high blood pressures, headache, etc. It creates slow poisoning in the body and leads to certain death.

The major cause of food adulteration:

The main cause of food adulteration is the endless greed of the immoral and dishonest businessmen. The value of life is less important to them. They always hanker after high profit. Regardless to say, it’s a great crime. So, it is time to control food adulteration.

Hopefully, our government has already taken a hand into the matter. A monitoring cell has been formed to monitor the food manufacturing, wholesale and retail sale sections. Moreover, dishonest greedy businessmen should be identified and punished. Above all govt. law enforcement agencies, mass media, and common people have to work together to eradicate the problem.

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