Air pollution composition

Air Pollution Composition for Students and Learners

In this post I am going to bring a focus on the air pollution composition for Students of ssc, hsc, class 9, 8, 7 and other English learners. Since air plays the most indispensable role in our life, we should be in great care about its pollution. We always should keep working to eliminate the possible ways or sources that can really be able to impact our healing source air or pollute it.  If the air of our surroundings get polluted, certainly our life will be at serious rick.

Well, now lets jump into the deeper of the issue on how our air can be polluted and what to do keep our air fresh and healthy.  The essay has been written of 300 words to keep it short. You can  elaborate it to 400 or 500 words if want.

Composition on Air Pollution For SSC, HSC Students and Learners

Pollution or contamination refers to the impure status of any element of the environment. Today, pollution is a global concern.  Air is a vital element of the environment. If the water is imagined as life, then air is the soul of it. No man can live even a moment without air. Air is the breathing fuel for human beings and other animals. But we pollute this prominent element in many ways.

The reasons or way air get polluted:

Man creates fire to cook food, melt pitch for road construction, and makes bricks, burn garbage and so on. All these activities crate a huge amount of smoke daily and contaminate air.

Factories and Industries produce a lot of smoke. Vehicles for instance as bus, truck, car etc. produce huge smoke and contribute much to pollute the air. Various types of watercrafts like engine boats, launches, steamers etc. and aircrafts are seriously responsible for air pollution.

Composition air pollution
Composition air pollution

Besides, railways engines and power houses are also some other great sources of air pollution. All the vehicles use petrol, diesel and coal and emit huge smoke in the air and the air got polluted.

Moreover, Burning of tar and trash, indiscriminate discharge of human waste in the open air causes the air pollution.

Our cities and town especially industrial areas are affected much for the cause air pollution. Polluted air contains lots of harmful germs. As a result people often fall victim to many serious diseases.

How to keep the air pollution under controlled:

To get rid of this nasty air pollution we should have to take determined and concerted effort first. Mills and factories should be built away from the locality, city or residential areas. Vehicles that create excessive smoke should be banned and CNG (compressed natural gas) should be used. More trees should be planted to absorb carbon dioxide, the main culprit of air pollution.

Conclusion of air pollution:

Finally, to enjoy ail-free and sound life; we must have to keep the air pollution free.  People all classes might be aware of creating fire and smoke. Govt. and mass media can play a vital role to diminish the problem.


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Hope at the end of your reading of this composition, you have got an crystal clear ideas on what is air pollution, why our air is getting polluted day by day, is it possible to remove or control air pollution, who can contribute much to keep the air fresh, pollution free and human and animals friendly. Also for more information, you can take a tour to the reference links I added in this post.

Again, guys if you feel curious more about the essay on air pollution composition or would like to add some important and authentic information, please feel free to mail  us or contact us or even you can drop your opinion in the comment box.

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